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White Witch Moth


Thysannia Agrippina

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Whoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The f*ck is that??!?!?! Would be my first reaction if one of these flew through my bedroom window at night. Luckily, I know tons about these beauties, and don’t live in areas where these whoppers live, so of course I’d be calm. You can find them from the lower North America, through Central America into upper regions of South America.


These compete for the title of largest insect, and have huge wingspans. Little is actually known of their larval (caterpillar) stage, so much so, no one actually knows what they actually look like. You will receive an A1 grade specimen equal to that in the images that will stand out set in black frame with perspex covering to offer additional UV light protection mounted on acid free museum grade card. These frames can be wall mounted or free standing and this one will be mounted landscape.


Hand set by us. We source from contacts across the globe who we’ve met personally to ensure the best quality and ethical standards are met that match our own.


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