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Modern Taxidermy

Ethically & Sustainably sourced

a modern take on traditional techniques


Ethical & Sustainable

We source the best from around the world meeting our suppliers to ensure their values match ours. We're also full members of the Guild of Taxidermists.


Made to last and carefully preserved. We let nature do the talking here and possess one of the largest ranges available for you.

Wet & Diaphonised specimen

Professionally preserved, unique, ethically sourced specimen in unique vessels. Attention to detail makes these a must have.

Skeletal Articulation

A range of techniques used to strip, clean and whiten your specimen before displaying .

Commission & Collaboration

We often undertake bespoke work from gifts to home showstoppers and have collaborated with others.

Pet Preservation

Preserving and gifting you something that imortalises and pays tribute to your loved pets.

Unique Taxidermy