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Madagascan Sunset Moth Pair


Chrysiridia Rhipheus

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Not one, but two stunning examples of this gorgeous and striking day flying moth. Yeah, you read that right, it’s a moth!


Here we want to display the ventral and dorsal sides (belly and the back) so you can truly see the iridescence and colour variations nature has bestowed upon these specimen. You will receive an A1 grade specimen equal to that in the images that will stand out set in black frame with perspex covering to offer additional UV light protection mounted on acid free museum grade card, with brass name tag presenting the common and Latin name of the specimen. These frames can be wall mounted or free standing.


The colours on the Madagascan sunset moth’s wings are produced by the conjunction of two optical phenomena:

1./ An air-cuticle multilayer in the scales creates optical interference. Each scale contains cuticle layers with randomly located blocks of cuticle that hold them in place and maintain an air gap between them. The layers and air gaps are narrower than the wavelength of visible light. The structure varies from one layer at the proximal end of each scale, to about six layers at the distal end. This multilayer structure strongly reflects certain wavelengths of light, which are determined by the thicknesses of the layers and the angle at which the light hits the scale.

2./ The scales are highly curved, which creates inter-scale reflection. This mechanism is unusual among Lepidoptera. The proximal part of each scale is almost flat; the scale then gradually curves up and then steeply bends down at the distal end, covering the proximal part of the next row of scales. Because of this shape, adjacent rows of scales have valley-like grooves between them. This allows light to strike one scale, reflect at a roughly 90° angle, strike the next scale, and be reflected away from the wing. Because the angle of each reflection is far from normal incidence, the interference effect favours reflection of different colours of light than are seen when light strikes near the top of the curved part of the scale.


The colour seen in each part of the wing is the combination of the colours reflected by these two effects.


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