Red Kraken Pens


Mightier than the sword, look to the depths of our product details for more info.

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Whether you want to write a sea shanty or even an old fashioned letter of complaint Karen style, you’ll never need fear the modern day piracy of your pens by scurvy sea dogs again. With ink blacker than the darkest ocean trenches, these Kraken pens are clearly mightier than the sword, making great gifts or portable additions to your own collections.

Octopus tentacles professionally preserved and encased within the pen to last forever. We are also working on a colour range, so those pics are for reference.

These pens can also be refilled! They also come with pen pouch.

Oh, and free shipping as standard, unless you pay a little extra for express.

  • Disclaimer: These pens aren’t theft proof. In fact, they’re more prone to it because they’re so awesome, so maybe buy a few.


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