Kraken Syringes (Hypo version)


Adult version – Needing your next fix of Kraken?

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When you need your next fix of Kraken, look no further than these genuine Vintage Soviet Bloc Glass Syringes.


Jabs are all the rage these days, so whilst this won’t make you immune to any virus or track your whereabouts, it will immunise you against the voices inside your head saying ‘buy one’… we’ve no idea how this magic works. Possible side effects though are friends being jealous and partners nagging… unless you buy this for them, then problem solved!


We take pride in professionally preserving these genuine octopus limbs, before entombing these in resin, inside Vintage Soviet/Eastern Bloc Glass syringes.


These vintage Soviet Bloc syringes come with original boxes and their instructions. These “Hypo Versions” also come with hypodermic needle. (That’s the sharp pointy bit). This has not been blunted, and is as the designers intended sharp as hell! It’s entirely at your discretion to retain ‘as is’ or blunt yourselves, we’ve also a lower number of syringes available without if you’d prefer to buy those, please check our products for the ‘non hypo version’.

  • This is very much a live sharp object, not for sticking you or anyone else with, buyer accepts risk.

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