Giant Glass Kraken Syringe


Giant Kraken glass syringes

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Sometimes, the only cure for times like these is a giant dose of Kraken!


Genuine Octo limbs, professionally preserved and entombed within resin, inside giant glass syringes. These are quite the showstoppers, curing all sorts of ailments other snake oil and medicinal compounds can’t touch, such as Krekenophobia which is a fear of the sound of cracking knuckles… actually, that’s really called ‘condylacousticophobia’. But behold!! Owning these can make you smart, like me. Or smart enough to Google condylacousticophobia. Who knows, owning two might mean you can pronounce condylacousticophobia or one day cure an addiction to writing condylacousticophobia.

  • condylacousticophobia


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